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Foothills Defensive Shooters

Matches  are held on the first Saturday of each month from March through November, often with a side-match to add to the shooting pleasure!  Check the schedule of events and bring the appropriate firearms and ammo!  Plan on fun with friends!  Check with your favorite weather forecaster and dress accordingly.

IDPA Matches: March through November

Welcome to Foothills Defensive Shooters!

We are an IDPA affiliated club in the Wilkesboro North Carolina area. Foothills has been holding matches since 2000.  We are known for our friendly atmosphere and the great people that come out to shoot with us. Many shooters that participate in IDPA have gotten their start right here.

The true test of any club is keeping shooters coming back but also attracting new ones as well.  It is always a joy to watch someone come to their first match, shoot a stage or two and then realize that this is not so hard after all.  They relax, have a good time and make new friends.  Some practice between matches while others practice AT the matches.  Both methods are rewarded with results each shooter can appreciate.

We would like to extend an open invitation to the new shooters in this sport.  Come out and see what we are about. We’ll do our best to ensure that new shooters and seasoned veterans have a great time.  Feel free to contact us with questions.

Robert Niemi, Jr.           Dave Rizzico

Thanks to Duncan’s Gun & Pawn for a great place to shoot.  

Thanks also to all the safety officers that come out to ensure that we have a safe and fun day each time we gather.  Without you we wouldn’t have this club or this sport.  

Finally, thanks to everyone who comes out to shoot with us.  Thanks for coming back and for bringing your friends and the new shooters.



First Saturday

Mar & Apr: start 10am

May-Nov: start 9am

Side Match:

Per calendar